Infomaticaa has 9 years of experience providing quality mailing lists and email contact list to businesses.

Targeting desired customers is no more a rocket science; we at Infomaticaa have derived an ideal way to reach all your potential customers in a matter of seconds. We have up-to-date e-mail marketing lists of people, using our email contact list you can connect with any of your clients confidently that in turn boosts your company’s economy by using our email and mailing lists. For any business, finding new customers is the key to growth. But with limited time and resources, efficiency is a must.

So how can you find the right prospects for your business in the least amount of time?


Not only do we offer the best business and consumer data available, but we also make it easy to build highly targeted multi-channel marketing lists so you can pinpoint the perfect prospective customers for your business.

List compiling is a dedicated service engaged in building a fresh email contact list and delivering the contact information of the potential customers. The compiled data is helpful for launching campaign programs aimed at conveying the corporate message to thousands of prospects.

If you are a marketer or an established company seeking to Roll-Out a Newsletter Campaign, Email Campaign or conduct an online survey, then List Compiling service will be the best solution for your marketing needs. There are hundreds of selections available to slice and dice the data to get to just the right list for your business type.


Types of multichannel marketing list we provide

Business List

Consumer List

Industry List

Targeted List

Specialty List Request 

We Infomaticaa provide hundreds of lists that are compiled based on occupation type, technology type, industry type and much more. We have the best specialists who will find the ideal lists and segments for your business.

Leading Database ratio in the market customers across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and other nations