Out of all the marketing channels out there, email marketing is one of the best tools to convert readers into leads. People are bombarded with emails day after day but almost all the time, emails go unnoticed and finally in the trash! There are very few examples of good email marketing out of which BuzzFeed, Uber, Birchbox, and the likes, have succeeded in using this channel of marketing to the fullest.

Most email marketers are obsessed with Click Through Rates (CTR) and Open Rates since these rates are directly proportional to lead inflow- higher the rates, better the conversion. This means the readers must not just ‘open’ your emails but also ‘click through’ on them after subscribing. But how do you create such an ideal and perfect email? How do you make your offer so compelling that your readers find it hard to ignore and click through, in spite of having several others in their inbox? Look out for these 5 effective components to be optimized in every single email that you deliver.

1. Subject Line

The first thing the reader will see before opening your email is the subject line. If the subject line isn’t convincing or relevant enough for the recipient, you might lose his attention. Target the client’s primary concerns and phrase the subject line accordingly. They might want to know of the ways with which you could help them and end up clicking through. Don’t miss out on elements of clarity and persuasion in the subject line to catch the reader’s eye.

2. Body Copy

The body copy of emails you send must clearly convey your offer and its value, backing it up with as short and crisp sentences as possible. Use short paragraphs and bullet points to break up the text visually, since nobody wants to read long essays. Highlight your message by using facts, stories, statistics, etc. in addition to strong language to get to the point. The language, tone, and layout of the body copy are important, in order to help add weight to your value proposition.

3. Personalization

Another way to make your email visit-worthy is to show your readers that they are special to you. How? Collect their demographic and behavioral data, for example, their location, their company name, their position, the pages they’ve viewed on your site and so on, and show them that each and every email you send them is customized for them. Strengthen your bond with the recipient by adding your (the sender’s) picture and signature so they don’t doubt your identity. They must feel like you understand their problems after going through your email.

4. Call-to-Action

The most significant part of your email has to be your call-to-action (it can be a button or a link or multiple links). It has to stand out visually to attract the reader’s eye for which you can opt for bright colors and highlight it. Optimize your language use in call-to-action. Make sure the reader doesn’t have to scroll down in order to find the button or link; place it ‘above the fold’. The sole reason you’re delivering these emails is to make your readers click on this call-to-action and send them to the landing page, where they can convert to leads. This is where the transition from a click to conversion happens.

5. Social Sharing Links

Providing social sharing links in all your emails aid in generating more leads. Focus on multiple social links with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, as readers might have their own favorite social networks. You can also include an email forward link to make it easy for your readers to share your offers with their contacts, generating more leads. Improvising on this component of email can expand your database significantly since a majority of the urban population around the world is socially active online.